Suburban Housing Development

Client: Private Location: Bristol, UK Project Status: Ongoing Area: 25,000 sqm Visuals: Draw a Half-Circle

Fourfoursixsix were invited to participate as part of a design consortium for the development of over 2,500 homes, on a site to include schools, a retail precinct and further community and cultural spaces.

Our initial scope was to develop the concept design for c.200 three and four bedroom terraced houses, providing an innovative response to the traditional housing format. The brief also focuses on the ability to incorporate best practice modular construction.

Our proposal is a modular courtyard house that takes advantage of the site’s large scale to incorporate a production facility on site. The massing and roofline create a series of well-lit external amenity spaces that range from fully public to fully private. Vehicle parking is provided to each home for the short term necessity, but with the long term goal that in a future where this suburban site is less reliant on cars, these spaces can be converted to additional living and amenity space.