Clarendon Tower

Client: Private Location: Christchurch, New Zealand Project Status: Competition Winner Area: 22,000 sqm Visuals: Marcos Alonso Visualisations

Fourfoursixsix won an invited international competition to redevelop a mixed-use scheme to replace the Clarendon Tower, a prominent site in the heart of Christchurch.

The Clarendon Hotel was built in 1903 and housed many important guests when they visited Christchurch. In 2005 the historic façade was registered by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust. Unfortunately, the 2010 earthquake caused irreparable damage, and the building was demolished due to safety concerns.

Our scheme looks to reinstate the heritage façade, utilising 3D scan data collected prior to its demolition. The contemporary element of the proposal acknowledges the footprint of the original Clarendon Hotel, whilst creating a striking aesthetic juxtaposition between itself and the original host building.

The building consists of a retail plaza at ground floor level, with separate entrances for additional hotel and commercial components above. Efficient parking and commercial floor plates work around a multi-use central core, maximising views towards the river and mountains beyond. The building's massing reflects the depth required for its functions, and the slender upper floors house a 112 Key hotel with a high-level sky terrace, providing panoramic views of the city.

The contemporary façade uses a modular glass and bronze effect unitised system. The density and format relate to the orientation and context of the building to form an attractive, yet functional, brise soleil which maximises views and minimises solar gain.